Calipari says the SEC should strive to have 7 teams in the tournament in two years

calbeach John Calipari took a break from rehabbing at the beach to attend the SEC Annual Meetings in Destin, and today, told reporters that the SEC's goal should be to get at least half of their teams in the NCAA Tournament in two years. ...Does it count if the league gets three in one year and four the next? Does Kentucky's second string count? No? Dang. Cal even cracked a few jokes, telling reporters he told Bruce Pearl to "keep your shirt on" at Auburn. LOL. Both he and Pearl said they want the SEC to be a "cool" and "fun" league to play in to attract better recruits, and Cal added that the SEC Network should show that. Possible solutions:
  • Have Willie Cauley-Stein redesign every team's uniforms
  • Shirts vs. Skins Saturday (Not you, Bruce. Yes you, Anthony Grant)
  • Black light basketball
  • Mascot wars at halftime
  • Extra free throws for the other team every time Kevin Stallings whines
  • When ejected from a game, players and coaches must swim in a shark tank for one minute
Your turn.

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