Calipari says the team will practice for the first time tonight

Calipari says the team will practice for the first time tonight

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With the FIBA World Cup now over, John Calipari is finally back in Lexington to focus on next year’s squad. Calipari called in to today’s show with DeWayne Peevy to tell fans he met with the team for the first time last night, and today, they’ll go through their first practice as a complete group.

“My team, met with them yesterday for the first time, all of them together. Everyone’s healthy, which means that I’m probably going to practice them today for the first time. We’ve done individuals because we’ve had guys — PJ (Washington) and Hami(dou Diallo) weren’t there, a couple guys were out with injury stuff. So now we’re all together, which will be kind of neat to see.”

“I had a meeting, I just told them this will be the hardest thing I’ve ever done, which means it will be the hardest thing they’ve ever done. The most inexperienced team I’ve ever coached, which means maybe the most inexperienced team ever to try to do something unique and special. And if you think it’s going to be easy, there’s a magic wand, you’re in the wrong room. It’s going to be hard, everybody’s going to have to be about each other even though they’re responsible for themselves. You’ve got to be about each other or this thing doesn’t get done. Great meeting, I’m going to have a workout with them tonight or tomorrow.”

If things go well, I think we can expect a swaggy tweet from Cal tonight and a blog post from him tomorrow breaking down the workout. What will that practice look like? Here’s a new mixtape featuring all of UK’s 2017 recruits:

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