Calipari says Wisconsin may be a better offensive team than Notre Dame

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[caption id="attachment_176494" align="alignnone" width="600"](Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)[/caption] John Calipari had a lot of praise for Wisconsin n today's Final Four teleconference, telling reporters that they may be an even better team offensively that Notre Dame. "They're outstanding. We just played a great offensive team in Notre Dame, and this team rivals and maybe surpasses (them) because they can isolate you in the post, they shoot the three the same as Notre Dame does, they have that one guy that's a big guy, not a guard--their guards are good, too--in Frank that can just go get his own. But Dekker has proved he can do the game. They're really good there." One trait Cal admires in Wisconsin is their ability to defend without fouling. Cal said he likes to think his team does the same. "They don't foul. Bo and I talked about it, you can play tough, hard-nosed, even physical defense without fouling on every play, every player. That's what he teaches. That's what we teach. We want you to be aggressive, we want you to be physical, just don't foul." See, you're not the only one that's been annoyed by all the fouls lately. "They do what they're supposed to do, they give you a tough look and they rebound the ball. They're outstanding," Cal said of the Badgers. "This will be a really hard game for our team, and we know that. Bo's doing what he's done with every team. He's made them a cohesive offense and defensive unit."  

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