Calipari Shares a Lesson Learned from Bill Belichick's Patriots

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[caption id="attachment_255577" align="alignnone" width="2048"] Belichick via Getty Images[/caption] Throughout the season, John Calipari will slightly alter his message to incorporate current events.  Following Sunday's Super Bowl win, Coach Cal shared something with his players he heard from Bill Belichick. Even though Belichick and Brady have now won six Super Bowls, the Patriots still play with a chip on their shoulder.  "Every one of those guys has something to prove and the attention to detail," Calipari recalled on his call-in show. Kentucky's head coach wants to see that from his players. "Every one of you should have a chip on your shoulder.  If you want me to tell you why, I will."  Calipari went down the line and explained why. "They got what I was saying which is, you should have a chip on your shoulder.  You have something to prove.  Every time you go out on that court, every time you practice, everyday you have something to prove.  And the attention to detail with this team is getting better and better.  We're just so young, it's hard for them to sustain all that stuff, but they've done a good job with it." The message from the Super Bowl Champs is just a little bit of what Coach Cal is telling his team as they enter February on an eight-game win streak. "First of all you're trying to learn and grow.  Learn about yourself, learn about us, learn how we have to play.  The second thing is learn to play for 40 minutes.  You can't hope to play for the last eight minutes of the game like we did last game and win those games in March.  You're going to be down too much.  Learn how to finish games."  He added: "Lastly, you build your confidence by working in practice, demonstrating performance in the game, because win or lose you got another game.  You should feel loose.  Win or lose you keep playing.  It's a great time to build confidence." If they listen to the Calipari's lessons from the Patriots, I'm confident they'll share similar results. To hear more from The John Calipari Show, like that time in practice today where Tyler Herro hit 95 three-pointers in five minutes, catch the podcast on iTunes [mobile_ad]

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