Calipari talks Hurricane Harvey, checks on former players in its path

Calipari talks Hurricane Harvey, checks on former players in its path

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports Like most Americans, John Calipari has been following the horrific scene down in Texas as Hurricane Harvey devastates the area with its torrential rainfall. He sympathizes with the victims in Harvey's path and even went as far to donate $150,000 to the Harvey relief fund with money raised by the John Calipari Foundation this past weekend in Lexington. The city of Houston, which is catching some of the worst of the storm, has been good to Calipari over the years -- it has produced several elite high school players who have gone on to play for him in college. One of those Houstonians is current Wildcat freshman Jarred Vanderbilt, whose parents are safe after they drove from Houston to Austin to get out of harm's way, Calipari said Monday. Cal also reached out to the families of the Harrison twins and De'Aaron Fox, as well as Marcus Camby, who currently lives in Houston. “I’m waiting to hear,” Calipari said. "It looks like it’s just going to get worse too. You see the flooding and that stuff. It’s just... ugh. The worst part of this will be when the flooding recedes and those houses are all – if you don’t get back in there and deal with the mold, you might as well tear down the house. And let’s be real: Who are going to be affected by this the most? Poor people. No question. So here they are -- they don’t have money to tear down walls and do that stuff. They're probably in low-lying areas, just like in New Orleans." Sadly, Harvey isn't done and no one knows when it will end. But even when the skies clear, Calipari noted it will be much longer before things are normal again for the area. “The initial stuff will be that we’re all doing stuff and then it recedes and we all move on to the next issue," Calipari said. "Well, it will be another two years for them.”

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