Calipari thinks Tai Wynyard and Jemarl Baker are out for the year

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 3 years


What’s the latest on Tai Wynyard? The sophomore big man hasn’t played since December because of a back injury and on today’s SEC Coaches Teleconference, John Calipari said he doesn’t expect he’ll return this year.

“As far as Tai, he has a back injury that is a disc issue. He’s tried to come back twice; it hasn’t worked. So, I think at this point he’ll be sitting out the rest of the year.”

Calipari made similar comments about Jemarl Baker, who has been out all season after undergoing knee surgery in November to clean up lingering soreness from a previous injury.

“Jemarl’s been on the court shooting some, but he hasn’t done anything, so I can’t imagine with eight games to go that he’ll be able to help us that way. I would say, obviously with Tai, I don’t think there’d be any chance at this point. He’ll be out. I also think with Jemarl, it’s not what I can see happening.”

That’s a shame because we could sure use his shooting.


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