Calipari to Bam Adebayo: Six feet in, score or get fouled, or "you're not a pro"
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Calipari to Bam Adebayo: Six feet in, score or get fouled, or "you're not a pro"

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 5 years


screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-6-42-04-pm To the naked eye, Bam Adebayo looks more like a pro than anyone on Kentucky's squad; however, John Calipari said he's working with Bam on his post moves, specifically, what to do from six feet in to the basket. Cal's been known for keeping it real, and told Bam, score or get fouled six feet in, or "you're not a pro."  "At some point, like, Bam. I did sit down and say, when you catch it at six feet, you either score or get fouled. You ready? Can I just keep it real? Or you're not a pro. Six feet, when you catch it, you score or get fouled or you're not a pro. Now, they may double team you, but guess what, he is a great passer. Isaac [Humphries], the same." Over the past week, we've heard that the staff is still unsure where to play Wenyen Gabriel, and tonight, Calipari said he'll likely use the 6'9" forward more on the perimeter than the inside. "We're trying to go inside out with Wenyen. In other words, Wenyen is probably going to play more perimeter than inside, but right now, I said, you've got to learn from seven feet in, how to play and then the rest of that stuff will happen." After four practices, Calipari stressed there is still so much that's unknown about this squad. He even claimed he doesn't have an out of bounds play yet. "I have no offense in. We don't have an out of bounds play. I don't know, if we were to jump center, who would go. That's what it is."

::Insert eye roll emoji::

What does Calipari know about this team? As with all of his squads, to be special, they have to be built on defense. "We have to be [good defensively]. If we're going to be special, you got it. The reason is, we can really guard the ball and we're long. De'Aaron, Isaiah, Malik, Dominique Hawkins can guard the ball and maul the ball. We can have a big lineup with Wenyen or Derek. We can have two bigs in with Isaac and Bam, but they've all go to get better. Look, we have to give them -- alright, this is what you need to look like to be your best version. We're just not there yet. We've had four practices." So far, so good.

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