Calipari: "We're going to be fine"

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 3 years


Somehow, John Calipari found solace in tonight’s loss 66-64 loss to Florida.

“We’re going to be fine now,” Cal said, praising Florida as he counted off Kentucky’s countless mental errors in the final minutes. “We’re going to be fine. I was worried after South Carolina now. I’m not worried after this. We’ll be fine. I was worried after Vanderbilt, to be honest with you. And we won that game. They do this and they stay this course and this is who we are, we’ll be fine.”

Calipari said he was proud of his team for not giving up despite being down by eight early in the first half. Despite their mistakes, he was encouraged by their effort.

“That’s a veteran team and we had our chances,” Cal said of Florida. “I’m saying this: I’m good. I know there are people out there that will be panicked and all this. Be panicked. I’m glad I’m not sitting with you because I am fine. Do we have a ways to go? Yeah. I have to clean up some stuff. but if they don’t share the ball. If they don’t play with a spirit to try to win games, all of that other stuff doesn’t matter. They shared the ball today. They defended pretty well. We defended well enough to win this game. that’s what is disappointing.”

Kentucky did hold Florida, an almost 40% three point shooting team, to 20%, which I guess is something; however, with a big opportunity ahead of them, the freshmen just couldn’t grasp the brass ring. Calipari remains optimistic.

“I thought they did good today,” Calipari said of his freshmen. “I thought they were great. They tried to stay the course and this is heady stuff for them. They were terrific today.


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