Calipari with more Enes revelations

Thomas Beisnerover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
  Some very interesting notes from this video: 1.  The amount of money Enes received was not the issue, just that he received it.  Cal said that anything over $500 was a violation.  This, of course, is because it comes from a professional team instead of a professional agent or a professional marketing guy. Which means... 2.  According to Calipari, the ruling in light of Enes never signing a formal agreement means that the NCAA has set a precedent that a contract does not need to exist for a player to be considered a professional.  Seems to make sense.  What will be interesting is if the Issues Committee chaired by Mitch Barnhart targets this as any issue needing reform or tweaking at any point.  Of course, in Barnhart's statement Friday, he said UK was told that the Newton and Ohio State rulings were "not binding", so maybe this one isn't either. It's just a moment in time. 3.  Calipari says directly of NCAA President Mark Emmert, "It's amazing, all your comments.  You made your decision.  Why keep commenting?"  It's only a matter of time before the Mean and Nimble One enters this equation. 4.  Calipari again reiterated what he said today on the SEC Coaches Teleconference - Enes Kanter did not desire to go to the NBA this year.  It seemed surprising this morning, but Calipari didn't seem like he was playing around.  In fact, I almost went straight to the treadmill after I watched this out of fear alone. 5.  Calipari said that he was not involved in any of these appeals or hearings.  Cal said he was completely on the outside.

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