Calipari's Cats are still "Figuring it Out"

Nick Roushover 3 years


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In one month the Kentucky basketball team will be in St. Louis for the SEC Tournament.  It's not exactly the perfect time to tinker with lineup combinations, but that's what John Calipari must do. "We're figuring it out," Calipari said at today's news conference.  "I hate to do that with six and seven games to go but... How are we gonna get the dots -- cross the T's, dot the I's, connect everything?  The kids are trying.  It's just not easy." In Kentucky's loss to Tennessee, you can criticize the Cats' poor shooting, sloppy execution down the stretch and much more.  Instead of harping on the negatives, Calipari was excited to see his team play competitive defense for 40 minutes.  As they strain to correct mistakes, Cal believes the results will follow. "All this stuff is like new.  They've never been like, 'This is how you do this.'  And when you explain it to them, they kind of, 'Oh.'  And I'll say it again, I got great kids.  We're just trying to figure this out.  We're all trying to figure this out.  I'm trying to figure them out.  They're trying to figure themselves out.  They're trying to figure each other out." He does not know when that will happen.  He does not know a secret to make it happen sooner.  He does have a message for his team: "All I want them to worry about is today.  Don't worry about tomorrow, next week, the following week, the conference tournament, just worry about today.  Let's try to get better." If the Cats get a little bit better each day, they'll figure it out at the right time. [mobile_ad]

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