Calipari's Improbable History

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Aritcle written by:Christopher JohnsChristopher Johns
peabody I know it has been mentioned a million times already, but it really is amazing how much UK basketball has changed in a year. As we suffer the doldrums of a week without our beloved Cats, I decided to grab my boy Sherman, jump into the WABAC machine, and provide a State of the Cats 365 days ago (give or take a few days): -People were begging Kentucky to regain relevancy in college basketball. -UK fans were celebrating when other teams were beating teams we were supposed to beat. -We had a coach that was insulting the basketball intelligence of the best fanbase in America. -The Cats were in the midst of a winning streak in the SEC but a few days away from a 3 game losing streak that would begin the slide into the NIT. -Cats fans watched game with angst and frustration rather than joy and confidence. -The Rich Brooks Ford F150 Special Edition debuted and was a welcome distraction. -Patrick Patterson was assumed to be leaving after the season was complete. It wasn't the bleakest of times, but it certainly wasn't the era of wine and roses either. A quick look around the internet finds items in stark contrast to the UK news of 2009: -People are admiring the work John Calipari has done and predicting an undefeated or one loss season. -Publications focused on other SEC teams are praising the Wildcats and the SEC East while listing their home team as an afterthought. -The Rupp Arena crowd is back in full force as Dickie V can't help but mention the atmosphere and bloggers are able to appreciate the power of the UK fanbase at full strength. -Kentucky basketball players are involved in mid-season evaluations in a positive manner rather than being listed in the "What Happened?" section. -Speaking of "What Happened?" the boys of the light blue hue are having to address those issues. -Word is that Patrick Patterson is at least considering coming back for his senior year. We've come a long way, baby. Kentucky is the default #1 in the nation, boasts 4 potential NBA draft picks in the starting line-up, showcases a player of the year candidate with his own dance, and has developed relationships with celebrities like LeBron James and Drake. It is a crazy time and I couldn't have predicted that we would be anywhere close to this situation a year ago. Enjoy it while it lasts, people.

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