Calipari's preseason SEC tourney made him a summertime topic on PTI today

On3 imageby:Drew Franklin06/02/16


cal-pti John Calipari made headlines today, as he always seems to do this time of year, for his proposal to play the SEC tournament in Atlanta in November. Cal and his preseason tourney were a topic of discussion on today's Pardon The Interruption, and neither Michael Wilbon nor Tony Kornheiser believe it's a good idea. Wilbon said Calipari always has great ideas and he's a creative guy, but this one is aimed at helping the "weak, football-minded" Southeastern Conference. "I think Cal is doing this to boost his own conference," Wilbon said, then called it "magnanimous" on Calipari's part. Kornheiser finds it interesting that Calipari's idea would hurt Kentucky, but Kornheiser's argument is irrelevant because he named West Virginia as a school in the SEC. See for yourself: Also, 'magnanimous' means to very generous, big-hearted and unselfish.

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