Calipari's quotes about next season will get you excited about next season

Calipari's quotes about next season will get you excited about next season

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[caption id="attachment_170132" align="alignnone" width="600"]Mark Zerof | USA Today Mark Zerof | USA Today[/caption] There was more platooning talk during John Calipari's press conference this morning, but I'm over that, so let's move on to next year's team. Thankfully, Cal had plenty to say about next year's squad, which sounds better and better with each quote. "I'm kind of excited about it. I think this may be one of those multiple pick-and-roll kind of teams. Could be more of a dribble drive team that I've had here in a while," Cal said. "It's exciting because we're still going to be good. I think college basketball will come back a little bit." Cal even said that because of the strong guard play he'll have next season, this could be a team he presses more with. "Maybe go back to some presses I used at Memphis," he mused. Good, good. Give me more. "I'm excited about learning more about them, seeing how good this team could be. I think this team could be crazy," Cal said. "If it all comes together when we get here, we have the team I think we'll have, it would be again, like, 'okay, what can we do, where can we go.' And then it becomes what the team will think when they look at each other and they're playing against each other. Like last year, they started saying, 'oh my gosh.' That's where it all started, where they started thinking like this could be crazy. and at the end of the day, it was." Hopefully next year will be too.

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