Calipari's takes a jab at "The Triumvirate"
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Calipari's takes a jab at "The Triumvirate"

Thomas Beisnerover 10 years


Article written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
Lost in the shuffle of Coach Cal's appearance on Dan Patrick's show this morning was a little shot lobbed at the three reporters who seem to be at the forefront of grinding the negativityaround Calipari and amazingly disappear when there is a positive story about him.  After talking about how he's comfortable taking risks on kids that others might discard because it will impact their lives much more than it will the program, Patrick again mentioned the thorough Sports Illustrated piece about him in last week's issue and expressed surprised that Cal hadn't read it.  Calipari's response was quite interesting:

Patrick:  You gotta read the article. I’m surprised you haven’t read the article because I think some things are answered that your critics will find interesting.

Calipari:  The reason it must have been pretty good - none of the triumvirate twittered anything about it, including people that work at the magazine. No Twitter, you know how they do, how they "You gotta read this! It's a great story!"

Patrick:  Who is the Triumvirate?

Calipari:  The group of people who usually twitter all that stuff.

Clearly, Calipari is talking about the treacherous trio of Pat Forde, Dana O'Neil-Forde and little Pete with the gimpy leg.  They are commonly seen flocking together on Twitter and high-fiving each other and anyone else who writes a negative piece on anyone, especially Calipari, but noticeably disappear when there is something positive to discuss.  It's been awhile since they've joined together in pursuit of a devious plot against Kentucky's head coach, but as he made very clear in the Sports Illustrated piece, Coach Cal clearly has a long memory.  He hasn't forgotten Forde and O'Neil-Forde's digs and insinuations aimed at him in his first season.  He hasn't forgiven Pete Thamel's fruitless Eric Bledsoe pursuits and his one-man quest against Enes Kanter.  It's just a shame that it didn't happen on a Wednesday. #BashMonday

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