Cam Newton Eligible...But Hard to Understand Why

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
cam If I were a less exciteable person, I could get worked up by the NCAA's decision to make Cam Newton eligible. In case you missed it, the NCAA acknowledged that Cam Newton's father asked for money for Cam's services and that Auburn ruled Cam ineligible when they found out. However because Cam allegedly didnt know that his father was doing the asking, Newton will be allowed to play for the Tigers. One cant help but find the decision perplexing. The NCAA acknowledges that Newton's dad asked for money (a violation of NCAA rules), but they expect people to believe that because it wasnt Cam that asked and because he didnt know, then everything is ok. That strikes me as utterly bizarre and sets a ridiculous precedent. When in doubt, recruits' families should ask for long as they dont get caught taking it, they are good...just dont have proof your kid knew. Now one could analogize this to the Kanter situation if they were so inclined. Whereas Newton's family asked for over $100,000, Kanter turned down money to try and be an Amateur. Newton's dad asked for money and thus it didnt stick to Cam, but when Kanter's dad took money for expenses, it did stick to Enes. But ultimately such analogies are fruitless. The NCAA puts the "NC" in "Not Consistent," and what they do in one circumstance seems to bear little relation to what they do in the next. All we know is that the likely Heisman Trophy winner and potential future National Championship Quarterback gets to play, while our favorite Enes only gets to have his toes done. But as I said on Twitter, the NCAA is like a crazy girlfriend...once you agree to date her and be under her authority, you also acknowledge that logic will never again be part of your life.

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