Can the CATS do it again?

Can the CATS do it again?

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
fdsds As we begin a Friday morning before a day that I never believed I would see in my lifetime, I feel we must all take a step back and reflect. For tomorrow, in Lexington, Kentucky College Gameday will be live from the campus of our beloved University of Kentucky. It is simply unfathomable to me that this is about to take place and that my Kentucky Wildcats will be home to Fowler, Herbie and Corso the Magnificent. College Gameday is the best pre-game show in all of sports and its travels across America signify more than just a backdrop to lame previews and putting on of costume mascot heads.....for hosting College Gameday says that you are THE SPOT in college football for that day and the game that you are hosting is, in all likelihood, THE GAME of the day. And now it is in Lexington.....un-freakin-believable. I met Chris Fowler a couple of years ago and asked him, "do you ever think Gameday will come to Lexington"? He paused and said, "maybe if everything works out perfectly and Kentucky has a magical year....then maybe....but probably not." And here we are.... I cant wait to be outside the Willy T Library on Saturday morning for an event likely never to be repeated in my lifetime. I fully expect a huge UK contingent and a great scene that brings out the best in UK fandom (not to mention the Kentucky Sports Radio girls). But regardless of how good the pre-game event is, the question does remain.....can Kentucky win the game? For after the pounding that Kentucky took last week in defeating LSU and considering the fact that Florida had the week off and sees this as a must win in order to have any chance to make the SEC Championship game, a win this week for the Cats might even be more impressive than last week's game. Beating a great team once is an accomplishment....but beating two great teams in back-to-back weeks is the sign of a football team that is a contender....and it is hard for me to wrap my hands around the notion of UK as a contender. But then again....why not? If Kentucky can somehow beat Florida, they will likely be favored in their last four games....all of which are winnable and all of which could set up a potential run to a BCS bowl.....thats right a BCS bowl....Kentucky. It seems unbelievable, but why not. Kentucky has already beaten the best team in America and done so in a way that no other team this year will defeat out-physicaling them. They went against the best defensive front in America and allowed no sacks.....AND RAN THE BALL.....Kentucky did that! So why cant they beat Florida? Sure Tim Tebow is great....and running quarterbacks kill us.....and they have had a week to rest.....and our defense is a bit banged up.....and Rafeal Little likely wont it doesnt make sense for Kentucky to win. But we are already living in an alternate universe. GAMEDAY IS IN LEXINGTON FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Corso is trying on mascot heads and Herbstreit is probably right now making it with two Thetas on UK's campus....we are living in a crazy time. So why not us? Why not beat Florida? Why not make Timmy Tebow cry? And why not welcome a phrase into the UK football lexicon that can brighten any room.....national title contender. Its right there for the taking.....might as well believe.....

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