Cantwell Caption Contest

Cantwell Caption Contest

Thomas Beisnerover 13 years


Article written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
cantwell.jpg First, let me just say that I feel like I was a little unnecessarily harsh on ole Hunter yesterday about his goofy picture. While the picture is funny, I might have taken a few personal shots that were over the line because, from what I've heard, he's a pretty good kid - and that is rare on that "other" team. So, I guess what I'm saying to you Hunter is that I'd apologize if you weren't a Card. And I'll be hiding from you at Molly Malone's. Second, the commenters on this site once again proved themselves to be outstanding and I expected to root through about 25 comments and easily pick a gem, but we instead got about 80 high-quality comments and I decided I wasn't going to make the call. Too much quality. Too much quantity. So, to make a long story short, we picked a winner and by "we", I mean "my buddy from high school" randomly picked a winner. So, don't get upset if it wasn't you. After all, the prize is just a t-shirt. Without further ado, the winner is.......

HanOfTheBluegrass for:

"Not invited to the family gathering, the red-headed stepchild tailgates on his own."

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