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caption2 (From Tennessee's home loss to Oakland) You all seemed to enjoy this last week so we'll start doing it every week.  Beisner and I have discussed giving out prizes for things like this in the future but we're having trouble getting BTI to autograph all those Barnstorming Tour t-shirts. He's such a diva. You know the drill.  Have fun... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- LAST WEEK'S WINNERS: captionthis1 jpb5367:

Brown: Joker, go for it on 4th and 2, we can stop them if you don’t make it

Joker: Yea, right

The Dark Knight:

Brown: Do you know if the stadium is Headset friendly?

Joker: What do you mean?

Brown:I’m not getting a sig on my headset…


This headset is messing up my hair. I think I’m gonna take it off for awhile.

Joker: Yeah, a lot longer than you think…

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