Car Wars: Big Blue Edition

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Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
I was just out running around on my lunch break trying to grab some food and all of a sudden, I heard Jamie Foxx speaking to me like a voice from the heavens:

"I was talking to the girls. You know, we don't put enough emphasis on the ladies sometimes."

So, it was without that proverb in my brain that I decided to head back to the desk and give the women's basketball team all the love in the world (but not in that way). But, while I was trying to plot the best way to shower praise on the 12-8 Wildcats, I noticed the ad pictured above. You can enter to win a Subaru and possibly even women's basketball coach Matthew Mitchell, although I doubt that part is actually true. No big deal, right? Wrong! It was just a week ago when we found out that there was a super kick-ass version of the Ford F150 hitting the market bearing the name of UK football coach Rich Brooks and it's decked all out with, um, all kinds of badass truck stuff. Meanwhile, Mitchell's Subaru probably doesn't even have automatic windows (no offense ladies). Could the rivalry between the women's basketball team be an more evident? Yes. Steve Ortmayer just updated his Facebook status. "Rich Brooks is an F150 and Matthew Mitchell is a Subaru. U do the math." The Catspys are going to be a li-ttle awk-ward this year. Sidenote:  If you came here looking for the "big news" that Matt promised on Monday, you're just a little early.  Hint-hint

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