Cards fans turning up the heat on Pitino

Thomas Beisnerover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
It's not a stretch to say that Rick Pitino's tenure as the coach at the University of Louisville hasn't lived up to expectations.  In his tenth season as the head man for the Dirty Birds, Pitino has taken the team to one Final Four, but only advanced past the NCAA Tournament's first weekend three times.  The players don't seem to be developing.  The top recruits haven't been coming as often as expected.  Essentially, he's not the UK version of Rick Pitino that Cards fans believed they had finally landed back in 2001. And with Calipari controlling the state, there's a good chance that he'll never fulfill the hopes of Cardinal Nation City Borough. However, the heat in the chicken fryer seems to be amped up a bit these days.  After another loss to Kentucky, who, by the way, has beaten him in the last five non-Gillispie games, the fans seem to be again getting a little irritable.  As you might have heard on this morning's Kentucky Sports Radio show, they started putting the coach on the spot last night on his radio show and Pitino fumbled a bit on the second critical call, stumbling with a "we beat But...umm" and then ending with "Kentucky was the better team".  Matt talked about it for a good bit on the show and the podcast is coming soon, but here's a clip from "Ethan", who summarized a building list of frustrations. (Quality will be better on the podcast, which will be here shortly.) Click on the crumbling house of cards for the audio...

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