Carlos Toomer and the Poetry of Man

Matt Jones07/23/06


Article written by:Matt Jones

I tried to think of a clever way to begin this post…I really did. I mean Carlos Toomer the Kentucky player has been fodder for comedy for me and my friends for years. Toomer was of course one of Rick Pitino’s first recruit, a recruit that Pitino trumpeted as one of the best players in the country. Many gurus disagreed, including Bob Gibbons, which prompted Pitino to say “he’s not my guru.” Toomer’s career of course never took off at UK and he ended up transferring after two years….but his legacy has lived on in a “Battlefield Earth” kind of notorious way.

But even this is another whole level. This website has launched the UK rappers (Ba ba ba basketball) and Oh Napier. But now we have a poster/poet who calls himself “Carlos Toomer” who has shown to be on another whole sphere of amazing. Lets do a bit of a back story… many of you know, at any point you folks can comment on a post. I posted a post entitled “Lack of News is Staggering” back in December that got ZERO comments. But then beginning in March, “Carlos Toomer” began posting comments…..but what was bizarre is that they were sporadic for the last few months and seemed to be one, continuous thread of thought. Here is the link to the posts and his comments but for our purposes, the following is sufficient…..

I in the process of writing a book about poetry and the human
condition. The mission of the poetry book is to investigate and
express human consciousness in language that goes
where prose cannot…The title of the book is going to be
“the art of communication with the patriot act and
University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball including friends”.
If you are former or present Kentucky basketball player
leave a poem on and you will be in the book.
However i will review the poems for content.Try your best
to write a poem which will add to the humanity of man.The main
theme of the book is to achieve world peace through poetry.I have a
roster of all players from Jack Tingle’s wildcat Letterman
from off of the internet.How will I know it is your poem write
wildcat as a middle name. I come to find out in life everybody
has at less one good poem in them.God bles their are already some
power people in the book.

Seeing that Toomer had written a book and that he wanted to show his poems to the world, I went to and put “Carlos Toomer” into the search engine…..and oh what I found. Let me start by saying, that I am in no way saying this is the REAL Carlos Toomer. As a matter of fact, I think it is probably not. But whoever IS this Carlos Toomer….well what can I say. Toomer has written a number of poems…..all about love, human emotion, death and the like…..and many with the titles of former and current UK Basketball Players….even though there is no obvious connection between the poem and that player. Sound bizarre? Why dont we reprint a few…..

Henry Thomas

Love as is a strong word
Cries mean nothing if left unheard
I dream peacefully in the day and the nihgt
Nightmares come natural, it’s fear in
my sight
Giving up is unneccesary, results may vary
A shaved head is clean more than a head
which is hairy
A conquest is taking a sword from a stone
Changes may come whenever you’re prone
When I’m alone, I give up easily
When my mind and I talk it’s pleasing me
Thinking helps me cope with reality
Reality helps me cope with visuality

Or how about Tony Delk

What us love?
Is it a force between two beings?
Is it something you feel for one another?
Love, what a wonderful thing

Maybe you prefer Wayne Turner

you are who you are
I am who I am, I’m here if you need me
I’ll do what i can
A helping hand for you to hold
A warm heart so you’ll never be cold,
I’ll listen to you whenever you call
I’ll support you so you won’t fall
I’ll walk with you
I’ll hold your hand
I’ll stand beside you
I’ll understand
This is the love I have
this is the love i give for free
this love is for my friends
that are closest to me

You could have an affinity for Jonathan Davis

Who am I? Young, gifted and black. That’s me
you see. That who I am. I can stand the
rain. Who are you? You are the one who asked
me who I was. That’s fine. I just told
you who I was, now who are you

Or how about Mr. Wildcat, Bill Keightley

Bill Keightley-What you are to me…(UofK)Head Manager1963-
Poems are for poets,
Not angles from above.
So I’ll write you a song,
And lave it with love.
I may not be the knight in shining armor,
That you always expected,
But I hope that my love, given to you,
Will not be rejected.
This Valentine’s Day is something special,
And have a day for you and me to enjoy.
If you haven’t gotten the hint,
I’ll write it in this black ink:
I care for you so much,
More then you could ever think.
So if you’ll be my Valentine today,
Maybe our low spirits will go away.
We will be happy for a long while,
And each time we see each other,
I know we’ll smile

There are many more, and to see them, you need to go to and put the name Carlos Toomer in the search engine. Some others are for Antoine Walker, Bernadette Lock Mattox, Tony Cooper, Travis Ford, Dale Brown, Naomi Judd, Anthony Roberson (why i dont know), Jeff Sheppard, Walter McCarty, Derek Anderson, David Lee, Michael Bradley, Leroy Byrd and Jonathan Davis…..just to name a few.

I have no idea what jokes to make, so I will leave that to you…..but this literally leaves me almost speechless…..

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