Catching up on a few Friday Night Notes

Catching up on a few Friday Night Notes

Matt Jonesover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
ewrwe These are the ladies of the Missouri Valley...Wichita State style It has been a great day around the KSR world. Tennessee Hate Day was once again a huge success. The posts were once again epic and were likely as consistently strong as they have ever been for a Hate Day. Most of the focus has been on Drew Franklin's great Facebook post (he is truly the Michealangelo of that genre) and well it should be. But dont lose sight of some other great ones on the site from folks like the Turkey Hunter, Tomlin and Tyler Thompson. I thought everyone brought their "A" game and I was quite proud of the effort. And the numbers on the site suggest that you too enjoyed them. Here are a couple of other things going on that you may or may not have seen over the last few days, specifically for your ears: 1. The Oddcast with Doyel and I: Eventually this will be a bi-weekly podcast in which Gregg and I do whatever we do, but our first episode was really done just as a Pilot for CBS. But since our guest was Jay Bilas, we didnt want to just lose it, so we put it on the KSR podcast feed. Take a listen below if you have not yet: The Oddcast with Bilas 2. Sklar Brothers on KSR: I know you have heard a decent amount about this on the site, but it really was great. The Sklars talked UK, Mashburn, Calipari, the UL cheerleader and even Conway Twitty. If you know their show "Cheap Seats", their podcast or have never even heard of them, it is worth a listen: Sklar Brothers on KSR Radio 3. Mary Jo gets her freak on: This got put up in the mix of Jorts Day and I think some may have missed it. Mary Jo Perino was on our regular KSR podcast from last weekend and talked about her nights dancing with Oakland Raiders' kicker Sebastian Janakowski. It is great and Mary Jo is GREAT. Worth an hour if you have it: Podcast with Mary Jo Now with all that taken care of, I am in St. Louis for the Missouri Valley Tournament. I have learned that MVC girls are by no means SEC girls, the Valley has more white guys than the 16th region high school tournament and sportswriters are fat and annoying no matter the state. It has been a great teaching moment for me. The Tennessee game is coming and we have to win. If it doesn't happen, I am going to be very if things turn out how we need them tomorrow, then UK can still get the SEC Tournament bye. Here is what we need.... EITHER Georgia or Vandy to lose on Saturday Kentucky to win That is it. We can do that, can't we? I know we can...lets get it done. Happy Tennessee Hate Day!

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