Cats Beat the Moc out of the Moccasins

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
It was a strong, if ultimately unsatisfying performance by Kentucky as they defeated UT-Chattanooga 79-63 in Louisville. It was a game where UK re-found its offense, scoring early and often and building a 30 point lead in the second half. However the old tricks of the Cats showed themselves in the second half as the Cats allowed the Mocs to come back and even cut the game to nine. Yet the Cats persevered and were able to hold on for the victory. What was good to see about the game....well the juniors and seniors finally stepped up with Ramel Bradley, Randolph Morris, Joe Crawford and even our man Bobby Perry getting in on the act. The offense, for the most part, looked better and the decision to insert Derrick Jasper into the starting lineup paid dividends. The defense, except for the last ten minutes, was much better and the team looked to have more flow to its game than we have seen in a couple of weeks. While no one really believed that UTC was going to win, it is unfortunate that the Cats let the Mocs back in the game. This is a team that needs positive energy coming up into the next two important games....unfortunately the outcome was not as wide as it could have been, Nevertheless, it was a win and one that will help the team going forward. There still needs to be some improvement from the non-Morris big men, but until that happens (and we need to realize that it may never), games like this do give positive reinforcement. More on the game tomorrow.....but check out all the news that came out late yesterday.....including the odd Bomanti Jones story....

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