Cats blow out South by 6

Cats blow out South by 6

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
mbb_020707_perry3.jpeg Well that was certainly bizarre now wasnt it. For twenty five minutes, Kentucky played its best basketball of the season......and then the twilight zone hit and by the end of the game, the Gamecocks not only made it respectable....but even a bit tight. Either way, the result was the same as theCats got a very important victory over the Gamecocks, 95-89. Lots of positives early here, as Bobby Perry became "March Bobby" for a night, scoring ten early points and leading the UK offense at the beginning of the game. Ramel Bradley provided over twenty points once again, leading the team and bringing nine big assists. Woo got the start over Randolph Morris, and when not inbounding the ball, he played relatively well, including a couple of big blocks. And even Randolph Morris took the benching well, getting his usual double figures in scoring. The game however had its strange moments as well, not least of all the continued Pete Maravich-esque performance of Tre Kelley against the Cats. I am not sure what happens to Tre when Kentucky comes to town but if Dave Odom could somehow get the SEC to only schedule UK-USC, the Gamecocks might go 0-16, but Tre Kelley would be National Player of the Year. His performance likely wont be remembered because of the circumstances of the game, but Kelley produced one of the better individual games in Rupp Arena in quite some time. It wasnt quite David Robinson with 50 for Navy, but it was a scoring workshop that left the entire crowd speechless. It would be easy to focus on the end of the game and the relatively poor ending, but I would rather focus on the fact that for the vast majority of the game, the Cats came out focused and firing on all cylinders. This was a game that would have been very easy for UK to overlook and they didnt.....they came out, took care of business, got up 28.....and then well.....they started planning for the Gators (thus allowing the Tubby haters something to complain about....would hate them being too happy). Saturday is going to be special in Rupp folks and I hope you are ready. And in the meantime, celebrate the insanity of tonight.....we totally dominated the Gamecocks....yet didnt cover the spread. Only the Cats baby..... Here is the Derrick Jasper Dunk:

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