Cats BULK UP and beat the Hogs 82-74

Cats BULK UP and beat the Hogs 82-74

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
That is UK recruit Mike Williams above flexing We may come back one day and look at this game today as crucial turning point in the season. Down 14 in the second half and looking like they were ready to run back to Lexington with their collective tail between their legs, the Cats' players bulked up and beat Arkansas 82-74 . There are many accolades to go around here and we will give them. First of all to Jodie Meeks, who continues to show that when it is a big game, its Jodie Meeks time. Meeks played with aggression and showed the "no fear" attitude that has made him one of the clutch players on the team. Ramel Bradley joined Meeks in a great performance (and made a TON of clutch free throws down the stretch) and showed that no one has more enthusiasm and self-belief than the kid from Brooklyn. His energy is contagious and he was the key man in the comeback. You also gotta credit a guy like Sheray Thomas who continues to step up his play, getting key rebounds and helping protect the ball in key situations. You also gotta give it up to Morris for playing well at key points again. While Morris and his effort was not spectactular for most of the game, by the end he stepped up and it was his points (like in the Tennessee game) that kept the Cats afloat when they were struggling a bit on offense. Ultimately however, you also gotta give it up for Tubby Smith as well. Dressed immaculately in the faux turtleneck (very nice), Smith showcased why he is respected for his in-game alterations of strategy, keying the win with a change to a small lineup that jumpstarted the Cats. Kentucky outscored Arkansas by 22 points in the last fifteen minutes of the amazing run to be sure. Tubby was able to recruit Patterson last night, get on a plane and get a HUGE win that will be key going forward in the season. Losing this one would have been bad.....real bad, considering what is yet to come in the regular season. But the Cats Bulked up and now are 6-2 in conference.....a place that isnt bad to be at all. Great win....and Cats fans should be pumped!!!

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