Cats Follow the Same Script, lose to the Tide

Cats Follow the Same Script, lose to the Tide

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
mbb_021007_crawford1.jpeg So the Cats came up for their third big test of the "Big 11" games and for the second time (along with Tennessee), they came up short. Once again, the Cats fell down early, made a run, and came up short losing a game that they needed to Alabama. Since we spent most of our day yesterday Bracket Busting, the Kentucky game took a bit of a back seat. However what was clear is that the Cats were unfocused and unmotivated, as seen by Randolph Morris's quote that his mind wasnt in it at the beginning of the game. Unfortunately he didnt look to be the only one as the Cats scored 2 points in the first nine minutes of the game. There is a lot to be said about this game, but for today I will leave it to others. What is clear is that the season is on the brink of a serious collapse. We said on here a few weeks ago that the last 11 games could point the way for the next few years of the program. The team is now 3-4 during that stretch and things are looking cloudy going forward. They cannot slip against LSU and Georgia and the road game at Vanderbilt may become the defining moment of the rest of the those three games and you get 10 wins in conference.....dont, and well it could be bad. Bottom this point the Cats would be in the tournament....but if they lose those two home games they wont....and they wont deserve it. Something has to change, and soon.

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