Cats get New Basketball Trainer

Cats get New Basketball Trainer

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ericfreybarrels.jpeg The Cats have a new basketball trainer, Eric Fry, who comes from the University of Colorado. While last year's hire of Scott Holsopple as the S&C coach had the masses dancing, this one was a bit under the radar, because....well, most dont even know who the old trainer was. Eric worked with the Colorado basketball team, which means he helped make David Harrison big and strong. Plus he also worked for an Alaskan baseball team.....which is odd and wonderful. Here is the press release (and since I found no picture of Eric, this is a picture of Eric Fry who produces alcohol): Eric Fry, who has spent the last three year at the University of Colorado, was named Kentucky men’s basketball athletic trainer Friday. “Growing up in Indiana, I realize the importance of basketball to the University of Kentucky and the state of Kentucky and I look forward to being a part of it,” Frye said. “This is the best college basketball job in the country and I'm excited to be a part of the family as well as the department of sports medicine.” Fry was an assistant athletic trainer for three years with the Colorado men’s basketball team. Prior to his time at Colorado, Fry spent two years at the University of Denver serving as the trainer for the volleyball, men's lacrosse, and men’s and women’s ski teams. A graduate assistant athletic trainer for the University of Wisconsin before joining the Pioneer athletic training staff, Fry worked primarily with the Badger men’s and women's swimming and diving teams along with the men’s and women’s soccer teams. He also traveled to Europe with the women's soccer team just before moving to Denver in 2002. Fry completed his undergraduate studies at Purdue University in 2000 and received a bachelor’s degree in athletic training followed by earning a master's degree in Higher Education Administration in May of 2002. While at Purdue he worked as a student athletic trainer with the football, baseball, and basketball teams. During his time there he had the opportunity to work as an intern athletic trainer with the Kenai Peninsula Oilers, a summer baseball team located in Kenai, Alaska. Fry is a certified member of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

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