Cats in the NFL Preview: Week 14

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Benny Snell
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[caption id="attachment_273373" align="aligncenter" width="2348"] (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)[/caption] Good morning BBN and welcome to Week 14 of the NFL season! A lot of playoff berths are still alive and well today on this glorious Sunday! Let's get into some big news that you might see today on the gridiron from former Cats!

Benny Snell Jr.

In case you didn't see last week, Benny Snell ran it in for the Steelers for a touchdown! I was the first of many in his career but he did it with a little swagger! Also, you're a true UK Football fan when you know the spinner mouth-piece has been a thing for a while! Heck, I went to Dick's Sporting Goods last year to buy me one of those mouthpieces just so I can have it. Congrats Benny on the first of many in the NFL!

Josh Allen

[caption id="attachment_268772" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports[/caption] Like every week, the comparisons with Nick Bosa are still coming out. No one knows who's having the better season. Who is going to take home defensive ROY? Obviously, Bosa is getting the spotlight with what his team is doing put together but Allen might be having a better season overall. And according to ESPN analysts, Josh Allen isn't even in the top 3 in the race for Defensive ROY. To Allen, those are fighting words. I would watch what Allen can do to that Chargers offense and Phillip Rivers today. It's going to be a good one.

Who needs a new kicker??

He's not in the NFL yet, but the campaign for Austin MacGinnis in the NFL is getting some heat after a lot of teams are signing new kickers. KSR's Drew Franklin is the head man in this push for the UK kicker to get into the NFL. Drew thinks its ridiculous MacGinnis does not have a job in the NFL. Even though he has signed with the Dallas Renegades of the XFL, I think a team in that city needs a new kicker! Then you have the Bears, I don't think Matt would mind with the former Cat being on his team! Going into Thursday, the man didn't even have a chance. This happened in warmups... For me, I wouldn't mind it either. Don't get me wrong, Adam Vinatieri in the Hall of Fame. However, I think it is time to hang it up. The Colts have had game after game where the field goal team has not gotten it done and lost games because of it. Vinny isn't helping anymore. I am really sad but I think it's time. Also, check out what KSR's Drew Franklin had to say in why MacGinnis needs to be in the NFL.
Here is today's schedule for the Cats in the NFL! Also, if you're looking for a game to watch the most, that Steelers and Cardinals game is looking to be the most with UK players on the field! [table id=440 /] Everyone have a wonderful NFL Sunday! The playoffs are almost here!

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