Cats lose Bell Countian to Auburn

by:Matt Jones07/14/06
I am going to make this brief because if I think about it too much it will make me crazy. Reports are out today that fellow Bell Countian and Top 5 Kentucky state high school football player, Brent Slusher will announce his intention tomorrow to play college football at Auburn. The tight end is not only one of the top propects in the state, but is considered to be one of the best tight end prospects in the South. While Auburn is considered the likely choice, what is clear is that Slusher will not be attending the University of Kentucky. Even though his family are life long UK fans, Kentucky never offered the kid a scholarship to the logjam at tight end on the team. I will say this and then drop it. For a football program that has the double difficulty of a consistent history of losing and a rising rival power in the state to allow one of its own the heart of Cat country in Eastern Kentucky, go to Auburn without so much as even offering a scholarship to the kid is RIDICULOUS! I dont care if you have 30 tight ends, this kid is an athlete and has been recruited by schools all over the south. To put it simply, if Auburn thinks he is good enough to play there, then my guess is he is good enough to play at Kentucky. I dont care who we have or where they play, we can use talent and this kid obviously has it. It is beyond absurd that he will be going elsewhere to school. I honestly cant think about this one too much as the combination of him being from my home county and the absurdity of Auburn taking a kid when Kentucky cant even find an offer for him, likely because they are saving it for another quarterback who cant throw, just drives me nuts. But such is the life of a UK football fan.

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