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-Ed Davender ticket scam case on its way to the grand jury -Randall Cobb is fueled by doubts of others about his skills.  Safe to say that UK fans have likely squashed those doubts -Special teams looks to improve against Akron -Cats looking to keep up intensityagainst overmatched opponent -Jarvis Walker transferring from UK football program -UK football recruiting into Trinity High School out of Louisville Looks like I will be running the ship today, which means a whole bunch of suckiness throughout the day.  Or at least that is what I am told through emails and hateful voicemails everyday of my life.  I guess you could call me the Akron of KSR.  Anyway, we have a nice mix of basketball and football throughout the day, and we might even throw in a little live blogging around gametime.  Get ready folks, Joker Phillips is about to go 3-0 in his career.

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