Cats Regain Focus, Block out Distractions, beat Georgia 82-70

Cats Regain Focus, Block out Distractions, beat Georgia 82-70

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones


In front of a crowd of Big Blue fans intent on supporting the much-criticized Senior class, Kentucky meandered through the first half, then focused early in the second, beating the Bulldogs by 12. It was an odd, disjointed game that at times produced extremely goofy plays and sequences, but it was also entertaining, and a good send off for a Senior class that deserves to have some positive results. The Cats were led by Senior Bobby Perry who poured in 22 points and looked like NCAA Tournament Bobby, hitting open jumpers, calming the team down in key moments and playing like the team leader we all hoped him to be. The Cats also got strong performances from Ramel Bradley and Randolph Morris, both of whom came out with scoring mentalities and defensive intensity.

It was a big win for the Cats, likely ensuring a tournament berth and potentially a strong draw in the SEC Tournament (going in as EAST 4 seems bad, until you realize that the Cats wouldnt see Florida until the final….). Lots of interesting tidbits from the night, such as…..

(1) In a somewhat surprising sight, Shagari Alleyne was at the game, to support the Senior class on their big night. There is a lot to say for the big fella, but the guy has a good heart and I found this to be a really nice gesture.

(2) Jai Lucas was at courtside and the Kentucky students responded accordingly, sending chants of his name towards him at various points. Lucas acknowledged the kids as the fans showed their desire for one of the more important recruits in recent years.

(3) Overall, the Tubby reaction was generally positive. There wre some random boos heard when his name was announced, but it was generally drowned out by the cheers. The students chanted Tubby’s name at a number of points and overall, the discontent that some feared, was not seen.

(4)It was a great send off for the Senior class. Bobby Perry had a season high 22 points and looked comfortable on the court, something we have see far less than we had hoped early in the year. Sheray played a lot of minutes and did a serviceable job. And big Woo made me giddy with his pick and roll dunk and amazing crossover and drive, which got me out of my seat. Good for you Woo.

(5) Maybe getting into the giddiness of senior night, Tubby had some odd substitution patterns tonight. He played the Seniors a great deal and also went to the bank with Michael Porter often, showcasing the kids many hidden strengths. We got a lot of Perry Stevenson (who is green) and a good performance from Meeks…..all in all a lot of positive mojo out there.

More notes to come later, but all in all…..a happy Big Blue Night as this young fan Catherine would certainly agree….


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