Cats the most underrated team in the country?

Cats the most underrated team in the country?

Hunter Campbellover 10 years


underrated That seems to be what the statisticians at Team Rankings think, at least with regards to where the human polls have the Cats ranked. Each week they break down the AP and Coaches' polls, using fancy numbers and their big brains to statistically figure out what the humans have wrong. The Cats are apparently ranked well below what the computers say they should be, as they held firm at the #22 spot in both polls but find themselves rated as the 11th best team by the computers. I prefer the computers. Kentucky is joined in the 'Underrated' category by Wisconsin, Utah State and other honorable mentions like Washington and West Virginia. The overrated group features some teams Kentucky fans are vaguely familiar with, as Florida and Louisville come in as two of the most overrated teams in the country. Florida, in fact, finds themselves ranked 29th by the computers but sits at #13 in the polls to take the title of overrated-est, while the Filthy Cards are 16th in the polls but only the 26th best team by the numbers. Apparently 'public fornication by head coach' isn't one of the categories that helps out in the calculations. Anyway, it's worth taking a look at to see whose rankings are too hot, too cold or just right. Enjoy.

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