Cats trainer earning his salary!!
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Cats trainer earning his salary!!

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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
doctor-797784.jpg It's becoming comical how much the University of Kentucky basketball team is hurt, and more importantly, how its always the most important players that get injured.  Add Joe Crawford to the list of players that have visited the trainers room recently.  Billy Gillispie came on The ZoneBusters with Jody Demilng and Rick Bozich today, and says that Joe has a case of Planter Fasciitis, also known as a heel spur.  A medical website says it takes several weeks to recover from and is often caused or inflammed by pressure on the bottom of the foot, i.e. excessive running.  Coach mentioned nothing about Crawford missing the game on Saturday, but it appears he may still be limited. The same can not be said for Jodie Meeks, who is still battling hip problems, and has been kept out of practice both yesterday and today.  Gillispie said that Meeks has difficulty with fluid movement caused by the tightening of his hip and thigh muscles.  Coach even joked that Meeks may have too much thigh muscle, leading to his issues.  You can tell from Gillispie's tone that Meeks is the most likely to miss the Vandy game, but he said a decision will be made closer the gametime. As far as Derrick Jasper, as his recovery from knee surgery continues, he now has what Gillispie called a "toenail issue".  This may seem like a small issue, but much like Crawford and Meeks, the amount of running hampers the recovery from these injuries.  There was no mention of Jasper missing any practice.  In fact, Gillispie raved about the recovery from knee surgery, calling Jasper "very, very, very tough." The way things have worked up to this point in the season, it would be safe to call all 3 guys "game-time decisions."  Meeks looks like the most likely no-go, Crawford the most limited and Jasper the most sure bet to play.  Cats need all 3 to compete against Vandy.  Maybe they can get a few Roger Clemen's special "Vitamin B-12" shots to spped things up. 

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