Cats Win Game that Makes me Sleepy

Cats Win Game that Makes me Sleepy

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Well it was one of those games in Rupp Arena last night. Now mind you, I am not talking about a game that thrills your soul, brings you out of your seat and has you screaming to the rafters that it is great to be in the presence of such basketball superiority. I mean a game that has those inside looking at each other and asking, "Honey, if we hurry home can we still make it for the end of that Everest show on the Discovery Channel?" (which is good by the way). Put simply, most of the Kentucky-College of Charleston game was miserable. Watching it made me want to poke my eyes out.....especially in the first ten minutes when a slogan of one of my old coaches came to mind...."Boys why dont we just lower the goal to eight feet and go to twelve and call this a night." But in the end, the game was tolerable in its last 30 minutes and did have some notable moments: (1) Randolph Morris continued his progression towards manhood by scoring eighteen points and looking like the only dominant player on the floor. Randolph has developed his offensive game to such a degree that he makes you believe he will score every the year progresses and he continues to score, he will draw more double teams, getting open shots for Ramel, Joe and the Freshmen.... (2) Martin Newton, fresh off his award for thirteenth best color commentator in Rupp Arena made a nice slip of the tongue at one point saying that Perry Stevenson got away with a "p*ss" down on the block....that must have been somewhat difficult. (3) It was Perry Stevenson time in Rupp Arena as the young fella showed a ton of low-post moves and even a nifty touch off the backboard, while scoring 14 points. I long believed that Perry would be the slowest developing of the freshmen, but he has shown that his time is now and that he can respond to a demotion in the lineup. Stevenson and the freshmen are showing the strength of this class and will most certainly see their minutes continue to increase as the season goes farther along. (4) Great to see Ashley Judd at the game. However Ashley's look is starting to change.....she has officially moved from "hot girl in the movies" to a more "good looking mother of two" look.....she is still very attractive, but she isnt exactly the smoking princess that is in the movies running in the woods from (or with) Morgan Freeman. But she does look much improved from last year's Kansas game when I was about to call the folks at "Extreme Makeover" (5) Good to see our man Joe Crawford hustling and diving for loose balls. Such play from Crawford is contagious and shows just how much more emotionally involved he is this season. Also emotionally involved, but much less successful is our man "The Future" who continues to just seem off track. With Woo and Sheray you know what you are getting.....guys who come in and bang and make mistakes.....but with Perry, he is adding the deicsion to take bad shots. COME ON BOBBY!!!! The Future is Now!!! (6) Seriously, is there anyone worse than Rob Bromley.....anyone? I mean how many plays does a guy have to predict wrong before people realize that he is adding nothing to the proceedings? I am sure he is a nice guy, but one has to realize that these "in-huddle" reports are becoming more and more of a joke......"Drink every time Rob says that we will do a curl for a jumper that doesnt happen"!!!! (7) Can someone say Coury Flurry? I mean Napoleon is starting to get a soft spot in my heart.....if he will just get some goggles, we will be rollin..... (8) Good to see our man Bobby Cremins. He had the "prematurely old look" way before Taylor Hicks and he has yet to make a Ford commercial, so I am a big fan. IT is clear that he is short on talent (and by the looks of that one player, has taken to signing 12 year olds), but he is one of the nicest coaches I have met and I loved seeing him in Rupp.....especially since we were winning. (9) I hope folks were watching the Duke-Indiana game. Actually I hope you werent.....because it once again confirms, as it does every year, how many things about Duke basketball get on my nerves.....whether it is the floor slapping, the created dramas (how much do we miss Greg Paulus), Coach K arguing about every call, the dorky fans in the stands (where I once was....however not cheering), the Dickie V panting......and oh yeah, the fact they win....that stinks too. Oh well, every Mozart needs a Salieri (10) Poor Woo. Its Wednesday....check for more stuff during the day.....and why dont we try something new on these comments.....lighthearted it for will make me happy.

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