Cats/Gators: Numbers You Need To Know

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[caption id="attachment_141785" align="alignnone" width="500"]Because there's no such thing as too many pictures of Tebow crying. Because there's no such thing as too many pictures of Tim Tebow crying.[/caption] Stats can be misleading, stupid and if ESPN is providing them, usually irrelevant. However statistics provide us with valuable game trends, shedding some light on the question Do the Cats really have a chance? Here are a few categories that will decide the winner of tonight's game.   First Quarter Points. BTI pointed out that hot starts are essential in pulling off upsets. UF: Averaging 8 per game, with a high of 14. UK: Averaging 10 per game, however Miami was the only team they scored more than 3 points against in the opening quarter. 3rd Down Offense UF: 48.9%, 29th in the NCAA. UK: 25.6%, ranking 117th in the nation after going 0-13 against Louisville. 3rd Down Defense UF: 18.9%, ranked #1 in the nation. UK: 23.1%, ranked #6 in the nation. Causing Turnovers UF: Making plays with 7 interceptions and 2 fumble recoveries. UK: One of 7 teams in the NCAA without an interception, recovering 3 fumbles on the year. Time of Possession. Facing the #1 rush and 3rd down defense, the Cats ability to control the ball will produce points and keep the D off the field. UF: 39:15 per game. UK: 26:32 per game. Snapping not one, but multiple losing streaks. 26 Game Losing streak to Florida, tied for 6th longest all-time. 672 days since UK has won an SEC game. 1,172 days since UK beat a ranked opponent, when the Cats beat #10 South Carolina in Commonwealth Stadium   If you aren't listening to the KSR Pregame show, DO IT, then check back here before kickoff with pics from around Commonwealth Stadium and the Greatest Live Blog to have ever been Blogged. #Caytsby90 @RoushKSR

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