CBS Ranks Southern Miss Ahead of UK

CBS Ranks Southern Miss Ahead of UK

Nick Roushabout 5 years


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Unlike most college football polls, the CBS college football poll includes all 128 FBS teams, not just the Top 25.  For those who are looking for another reason to worry about the season opener against Southern Miss, enjoy. Southern Miss is ranked No. 34 compared to Kentucky at No. 74.  While it would not be a shock to see a 2015 bowl team ranked higher than a team that did not reach the postseason, a separation of 40 schools between the two comes as a shock. Ranking UK's FBS Opponents  34. Southern Miss 26. Florida 100. South Carolina 1. Alabama 89. Vanderbilt 71. Mississippi State 75. Missouri 19. Georgia 12. Tennessee 20. Louisville [CBS Sports 128]

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