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DrewFranklinKSR's piece on Worldwide Wes is out and it's pretty underwhelming, outside of a handful of quotes from anonymous coaches. The article doesn't bring anything new to the light; it only reiterates what we already know: No one knows much. Uncle Wes is just a mysterious man with strong relationships and connections in the world of basketball. It's pretty obvious to anyone who knows even a little bit about Wes' story that he has a pretty big influence on where certain players, although not many, go to school. But of the hundred coaches CBS polled during July, only 63-percent believe Wes is a factor in recruiting. The other 37-percent say his presence is overblown. One coach said, "He's an agent who cheats. He's a bag man.” Another said the opposite, "Wes' presence is drastically overblown. His power is only perceived at best, and only because naïve/desperate coaches empower him. If he had any power, he would certainly be using it to the benefit of John Calipari and Kenny Payne, who he has known for 25 years. The fact that coaches are hiring him as an agent is laughable, and the fact that the NCAA does not treat him as an agent due to his close affiliation with Leon Rose is an absolute injustice!” Uncle Wes is just Uncle Wes and we may never know what that actually means. [Critical Coaches: How much of a factor is World Wide Wes in recruiting?]

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