Celebrating the absurdity of the Calipari saga: Long live "The Door"!

Thomas Beisnerover 12 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
There was a whole bunch of weird stuff going on the past few days in regards to this whole Calipari thing.  There were reports and retractions, sites crashing, people joining and quitting Facebook groups and, of course, "The Door". If you're not aware of what "The Door" is, then you were either way too productive at work or just not hardcore enough for this new era of never losing a game. Essentially, "The Door" is just that - a door. But, it's a door that leads it's way into the Memphis Athletics Department and was under surveillance of MyFoxMemphis' live feed....for two straight days. But, like one of your grandfather's jokes, it was a lot of buildup for nothing as Coach Calipari never came walking through that door.  It was just a lot of nothingness and time wasted on, well, watching a door.  Thanks, MyFoxMemphis.  Basically, here's a full summary of "The Door" - written a full 24 hours before its saga ended.  You had a lot of potential, door, and I'll always think of what might have been. And, like all great pop culture figures, "The Door" has been immortalized on YouTube forever.

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