Celtics Being Cautious with James Young

Kory Henry07/06/14


Article written by:Kory Henry


[caption id="attachment_160450" align="alignnone" width="300"]Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics.  [/caption]   One former Wildcat has a slight delay on his NBA debut.  James Young, who was involved in a minor car accident just days before the Draft, had to sit out during the Boston Celtics' first summer league game.  When asked whether the neck injury he sustained during the crash is short-term, Young answered, "No question."  Boston's coaches and training staff are still evaluating Young as he continues to participate in the team's shoot-arounds, but are playing it safe.  Here is what coach Brad Stevens had to say about the situation:
“€œHe did some more stuff yesterday as far as non-contact on the bike.  €œI think he’€™ll be continuing to do some of that stuff today, but I haven’€™t been given a timeline on it.  And, obviously, he was in the car accident a couple weeks ago. It’€™s Summer League, we want to be very, very smart about this with him.  He’€™s anxious to play, he’€™s antsy, he wants to [play]. But at the same time, I want to be cognizant of the big picture here.”
Young hasn't totally been ruled out of summer league competition, as the Celtics have at least three more games this week, beginning tomorrow against Indiana.  His status is still up in the air, but hopefully we will be able to watch his debut sometime this week.  If Young isn't cleared to play this week, he will have to wait until September for their first preseason game.  Boston will not be one of the teams participating in the Las Vegas Summer League starting on the 11th.

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