Central Michigan is Coming To Town

Matt Jonesover 12 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
michell This is Michelle Hosington....she was Miss Central Michigan University for this past season. She seems very excited to be a Chippewa, and while her hair seems to be happy to go in every direction, some of that excitement may stem from the game she has tonight with the Kentucky Wildcats. This is the last of the warmup games for the Big Blue, as the Ville comes up on Saturday and then SEC season gets going. For the Cats tonight, three things to watch: (1): Will Michael Porter continue his solid play of late. Four straight games of having one of the top 2 +/- scores on the team and cutting down on turnovers. Will that continue? (2): Can the first year players break out before conference play? Miller, Liggins and Harrellson have all been floating along the past few games....can one break out and hit a higher plane in the next game? (3): Will the Cats start strong? The last few games have seen a strong correlation between how the Cats play in the first five minutes and the final score of the game. Will the Cats get off to a good start again? Tune in at 6 pm for a live blog of the festivities. Its Cats and Chippewas tonight!

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