Chad Ford discusses Dakari Johnson's ceiling

Chad Ford discusses Dakari Johnson's ceiling

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 6 years


i-2 Since Dakari Johnson announced he was declaring for the draft, many have questioned how much he could have improved his draft stock by returning to school. Over the past two years, Dakari has slimmed down considerably, but you could argue there's not much he can do to improve his vertical or handwork. In his weekly chat today, ESPN NBA guru Chad Ford was asked about Dakari's ceiling at the next level:
Every scout I've spoken with sees him as a back-up. But back-up centers are very valuable in the NBA and could get him drafted in the 20s. Remember, this isn't the NFL draft. Most first round picks, especially those outside the lottery, are rotation players at best.
If Dakari gets drafted in the 20's, how could you argue that he made a bad decision by going? Ford says he believes Andrew will be the better twin at the next level and Willie really needs to nail his interviews to keep his stock high. For more details, head on over to the Worldwide Leader. [ESPN]

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