Chad Ford Drops 2 UK-Related Nuggets

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I’m sure if any of you were Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert, you wouldn’t hesitate to make Nerlens Noel the #1 pick in the Draft. Also, you may stop drunk dialing Lebron James at all times of night. Unfortunately for your bank account and maybe Nerlens’, you are not. According to Chad Ford some NBA doctors are worried that Nerlens’ knee won’t be ready in time for him to play at all this coming NBA season. Nerlens has stated multiple times that he’s ahead of schedule in his recovery but the ACL injury coupled with Noel’s drop to 206 lbs. has worried more than one NBA doctor:


“I’ve heard rumblings from several teams that their doctors were pessimistic (after examining Noel in Chicago) that he would return to play at all next season. However, I’ve also spoken with a handful of teams that said they don’t see any issues with his recovery. Noel’s camp contends he’s ahead, not behind, schedule on his rehab. No word yet on the Cavs’ assessment of the injury.”


Despite what seems to be like bad news, the author gives us one nugget of sunshine when stating that Ford believes that if the Cavaliers decided to trade the #1 pick, Demarcus Cousins is a plausible option that could be moved in exchange for the pick. In that case, I would pray that Nerlens doesn’t end up replacing Boogie in Sacramento. Maybe Washington at #3? #WallToNerlens


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