Chad Ford's Latest Mock Draft has Three Wildcats in the Lottery

Chad Ford's Latest Mock Draft has Three Wildcats in the Lottery

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Just in time for the start of classes on college campuses, Chad Ford is looking ahead to the 2017 NBA Draft with his Mock Draft 1.0, not to be confused with his Big Board 1.0. Although it's a bit ridiculous to put a ton of stock in an August mock draft, this year's draft class is loaded, making his calculations interesting compared to where he sees the rest of the class.  However, I find it more enjoyable to see the potential destinations.  There's one that already has me hyped.

10. De'Aaron Fox to Milwaukee

His rationale is focused on Jason Kidd's affinity for developing point guards.  Even though they just got everyone's favorite gritty Australian, Matthew Dellevedova, Ford sees Fox as a good fit for a team none of us will ever see play, but should be an Eastern Conference contender this year.

14. Malik Monk to New York

The Knicks have been terrible since many can remember, but the bright lights of New York are appealing to most young athletes.  Now with a strange starting lineup -- Carmelo, Porzinigs, D-Rose, Joahkim Noah and Courtney Lee -- you could see the Garden as "not the worst" place in the world to play.

15. Bam Adebayo to Washington

John Wall lobs to Bam Adebayo would be the most beautiful sight in the world to see.  Bam could conceivably have a dozen dunks a game and I would not be shocked.  But by the reports we're hearing from practices at the Joe Craft Center, I can't imagine a scenario where Bam falls this far down the lottery list. [ESPN Insider: Chad FordMock Draft 1.0]

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