"Charles Manson" Commentator Assigned to UK-UL Football Game

Matt Jonesabout 9 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
The announcer teams for the UK-UL football game have been released and the Cats will end up with the team of Carter Blackburn and "Big Game" Rod Gilmore calling the action. The latter is always a good sign, as any game with Gilmore tends to be a wild affair with lots of close action. But also interesting to me is the decision to have ESPN personality Jemele Hill as the game's sideline reporter. You may remember that Hill was the person that went on ESPN when John Calipari was hired and said that Kentucky fans would cheer "Charles Manson as the coach" so long as he was winning games. The statement came at the height of the furor about media treatment of Calipari and UK (which later led to Pat Forde being pulled off writing about UK) and Jemele Hill ended up apologizing to UK and the SEC for her comments. Since that time, she has been a commentator on ESPN, appearing on various television shows, including "First Take" and "Around the Horn." I am not sure that I have heard any comments from her about Kentucky since that issue and it is interesting that now she will be assigned to the big rivalry game in Louisville.

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