Charles Walker, almost a hero

Charles Walker, almost a hero

Drew Franklinabout 4 years


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


One of the biggest plays in the Mark Stoops era of Kentucky football occurred this past Saturday; unfortunately, many have already forgotten about it. Facing a 4th-and-11 with the game on the line, Stephen Johnson made the perfect throw to Charles Walker, who hauled in the pass between two defenders. The throw-and-catch extended the final drive and put Kentucky into field position, while Walker threw his name into consideration for legend status. All that was left was for Austin MacGinnis to kick the game-winning field goal for Walker to join the likes of Stevie Johnson, Randall Cobb and a handful of others who made some of the most important catches in the program's history. If the 31-year streak had ended on that drive, Walker would've been a hero. Instead, a holding call five seconds later moved Kentucky 10 yards back behind where Walker caught the pass. He would catch a quick out route to get some of those yards back, but it was all for nothing in the end. And as Charles Walker's biggest fan, I'm bummed for him. He is not selfish enough to care about what the ending did to his own legacy, but I was excited to tailgate near the Charles Walker statue with my kids one day.

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