Charlotte looking to replace MKG with Otto Porter

Drew Franklinabout 8 years


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Sheridan Hoops is reporting that the Charlotte Bobcats are shopping Michael Kidd-Gilchrist around the league with confidence they'll be able to replace him with Georgetown's Otto Porter. Bobcats management believe Porter will still be available when it's their turn to draft with the fourth pick. According to Sherdian Hoops' sources, Milwaukeee, Golden State, Boston and Atlanta have expressed interest in acquiring MKG. The website also says Charlotte has Harrison Barnes at the top of its wish list this offseason. Michael Jordan sure does love those former North Carolina guys. [Source: Bobcats Shopping Kidd-Gilcrest to Draft Otto Porter] (Note to Sheridan Hoops: It's Gilchrist, not Gilcrest. That's a good look for your credibility here.)

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