Chatter from the coaches about the QB situation

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Aritcle written by:Ally TuckerAlly Tucker
Randy Sanders shared a comment he made to Patrick Towles before the game that turned out to be slightly prophetic. "I told him all week if he didn't make quick decisions, get the ball out of his hand, he might get his leg broke." Luckily Towles did not break his leg, but as has become the common theme on the season for this Kentucky football team, Towles left the game early with an injury. The severity of the injury is not yet known, but at this point the common belief is that Towles just has a sprained ankle. Joker Phillips did allude to the fact that if the injury was too severe, they would apply for a medical hardship and hope to make this a redshirt season for Towles. Following an exciting first (partial) game as a Wildcat, Towles is still hopeful that he can play the rest of the season.
"I want to play. This medical redshirt stuff is great if I can't get back on the field, but I want to play."
The other quarterback on the day, Jalen Whitlow, showed moments of brilliance as well as moments where his youth was evident. Randy Sanders expected more from his young quarterback. "I'm going to answer this nicely; it wasn't close to what I expected or what we need." The injury bug can't be overlooked for this Kentucky football team. Considering the play of Morgan Newton earlier in the season when he had his chances, I think we can all agree that it's crucial for Patrick Towles to have a speedy recovery. If Jalen Whitlow, who likes to run and receives a lot of contact during games, goes down and a redshirt has to be used on Towles, can Kentucky conceivably go back to Morgan Newton? They might not have a choice. "It would have to be Morgan," said Sanders. "Morgan is obviously limited. We know that."  

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