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tubby_smith_with_national_title1 The NCAA coaching carousel is picking up speed as the season comes to a close and rumors are flying around every corner.  Three former Kentucky coaches have been rumored to be taking new jobs.  A couple others have even made headlines of their own.  Plus, our current coach is in the middle of basically building a team from scratch. Rather than waiting for the next reunion/cookout at Dave Baker's house, I thought I would take this time to clear up the rumors and get you up to speed on where everyone is now.

Billy Gillispie

Tim Floyd is in at UTEP.  James Dickey is in at Houston. Both jobs had been rumored to be likely destinations for Gillispie next season. Now, it's back to the drawing board for Billy G. Let's just hope for his sake that night golf and wine coolers aren't on the drawing board. Also, let's hope for America's sake that he doesn't apply to be a pilot or a school bus driver. But all joking aside, I wish Billy Clyde nothing but the best.  He's a great coach who just needs the right opportunity to get back on his feet.

Tubby Smith

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reported Monday that Oregon was getting ready to offer Smith a contract worth over $2 million per year. Tubby denied the reports by saying he hasn't been contacted by anyone.  Tubby has four years left on his contract at Minnesota that pays him 1.8 million per year. Since his team's exit from the NCAA tournament, Tubby has also been rumored to be taking over at Auburn and Georgia Tech. I think it's safe to say that no matter where Tubby is coaching next season, Donna will be seated right behind him in a sequined sweater waving a pom-pom and hogging the TV time.

Rick Pitino

Since Calipari's arrival in Lexington, everyone has kept a watchful eye on Rick Pitino's future in Louisville. Will he run from the competition? Will he stay and fight the good fight? Will he knock up some floozy at the Bob Evans on Preston Highway? Well yesterday, we found out at least one of the three are true - Rick isn't going anywhere.  Pitino secured a 4-year extension with the Dirty Birds that will keep him in Louisville through the 2016-2017 season. Pat Forde can let out a sigh of relief and put off recording that "Since He's Been Gone" mixtape.

Eddie Sutton

Other than accidentally leaving the medicine cabinet unlocked at home, Eddie Sutton has kept it pretty low key since leaving the University of San Francisco in 2008. That's probably for the best.  No news is good news when it comes to Eddie Sutton.
Joe B. Hall

Joe B. Hall

I doubt a return to the sidelines is in Coach Hall's future but that hasn't kept him from making the headlines this week.  Monday, the state Senate rejected a measure urging the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame to enshrine Joe B. Hall. Whether or not Joe B. Hall ever makes the Naismith Hall of Fame is out of our hands, but we can assure you that he will be the inaugural inductee into the KSR Podcast Hall of Fame.

Adolph Rupp

Out of the six former University of Kentucky head basketball coaches, Adolph Rupp is certainly the least likely to return to coaching.  The whole passing away in 1977 thing really removes his name from consideration for most jobs. (Although, I would've hired him over Tim Floyd or Jeff Lebo.) But, Rupp is still making noise in Lexington. Rupp recently gave John Calipari and John Wall two of his postseason awards: the Adolph Rupp Cup and Adolph Rupp Trophy, honoring the National Coach of the Year and the National Player of the Year.  It was the first time a Kentucky coach won the cup and the first time a Kentucky player won the Adolph Rupp Trophy in its 38 year history.

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