Checking in on the UK Football Junior Class

Matt Jonesover 12 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
As we all continue our focus on basketball and the goings on in Louisville yesterday, lets not forget our football team and their great performance in Memphis on Friday. With the team finishing a third straight winning season, it is important to look to next year and the potential fate of the three Juniors considering the NFL Draft. I spoke yesterday with someone who is very close to the situation and what the young men will be thinking and this was his early indication as to the likely status of the three defensive Juniors: Trevard Lindley: Most likely gone to the Draft. People forget that Lindley is older than most of his classmates as he greyshirted and then redshirted. He is projected currently around the second round and unless his injury is somehow more serious than expected, he is likely to enter the draft. Micah Johnson: Most indications are that he would prefer to enter the draft if possible and if it were likely that he would be a first day pick. Right now however he is probably projected later (5th Round or so) and if that is the case, he likely returns. This will probably come to the end with Micah before a final decision is made. Jeremy Jarmon: He did put his papers in, but the likely scenario now involves a return. If it were a no-brainer to leave (first or second round pick), Jarmon would likely go ahead and enter the draft, but plans now are for him to return. That is where we are now from a person who is very close to the situation and the individuals. This of course can (and will) change, but it gives some notion of how the defense will look next season.

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