Checking in with our friends from the Ville

by:Matt Jones10/24/06
So as some of you have surely noticed, the University of Louisville has slowly put together a solid little football team in my new town of residence. Even though the Cards have lost their two best players at various points in the season, they have made up for it thanks to some reserves stepping up and the good fortunate of having their only real difficult games scheduled at the end of the season (look Cards fans, before you tell me Miami is a difficult game.....they almost lost to Duke). I actually am enjoying watching this year's Cards team and their relative struggles in the last two games make the next few weeks very intriguing. I still dont feel they are deserving of national title consideration, but I do think they are legitimately one of the ten best teams in the country, something that is a great accomplishment for this program. All this having been said, the part of the Ville season that has made me the happiest so far however occurred recently when Two Louisville Players were arrested for allegedly fired paint ball guns at people coming out of a building. This may be my favorite college athlete arrest in quite some part because of its triviality and ingenuity. Look, I mean cant you see this happening. These guys are sitting up on top of a building and they see random harmless people walking down the street and they say, "hey why dont we shoot those people in the face with paint guns.....yeah that will be fun." This could easily have happened when I was in school on 4th Davis at Transylvania (home of me, Hubby, Tomlin, Mosley and the Turkey Hunter). Of course being Transy it would have been a game of firing the paintball gun and seeing who could hit the most dorks, rather than random strangers. The players of course have been suspended and Chris Vaughn and Scott Long will have to sit out one game (which they may have only played sparingly in anyway) in order to suffer for their sins. Bobby Petrino, in between filings of his resume with other colleges and NFL jobs, expressed outrage and promised no such actions will be tolerated in the future. I have heard some loud radio hosts (guess who) spout about how outrageous this is, blah, blah, blah. But this radio host (that sounds funny doesnt it) thinks it is just silly. Vaughn and Long were simply doing the equivalent of what Hubby does when he runs outside of his house naked and farts on his neighbors.....goofy annoyances meant to harm no one. It would help however if they would do such pranks without dangerous weapons, but hey they arent college graduates YET.

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